Season 6

Season 6

Season 6 of The Western Hunter

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Season 6

9 Videos

  • S6 | Two Shooters

    Nate Simmons hits the backcountry of Nevada in search of mule deer. When it seems the area is a lost cause and Nate’s about to head back to the drawing board, a challenging opportunity arises.

  • S6 | Double Down

    Chris Denham and his son Mark are off to Wyoming’s backcountry to hunt elk. Harsh weather presents a new set of challenges and when time is about to run out, they are met with a big surprise.

  • S6 | Tales Of The Timber

    Western Hunter producer and videographer Randy Rockey looks back on his favorite moments of the season.

  • S6 | Seeking Redemption

    Nate Simmons returns to hunt elk in Montana; with last years upset still fresh in Nate’s mind, he is determined to fill his tag.

  • S6 | Dropped + Bonfire Bull

    2 Part Series: Nate Simmons is hunting elk in Wyoming’s unforgiving backcountry. Nate has his work cut out for him due to an early winter storm in grizzly country.

  • S6 | Border To Border

    Chris Denham heads off to chase whitetail deer in the mountains of Montana. This is a new adventure and it quickly proves this hunt is no “walk in the park.”

  • S6 | All For One + Insomnia

    2 Part Series: Nate Simmons backpacks into the Colorado high-country with hopes of arrowing a mature mule deer but the endeavor proves much more difficult than expected. After a long, tough hunt in Colorado, Nate heads for the backcountry of Wyoming and is met with fast action.

  • S6 | Stomping Grounds

    Chris Denham shares a hunt with his son Mark in search of the elusive Coues deer. Chris and Mark hunt in the same area Chris harvested his first Coues as a teenager, close the the Mexico border.

  • S6 | Eclipsed + Stories Untold

    2 Part Series: Nate Simmons bowhunts for bull elk prior to the rut in the backcountry of Utah’s rugged public lands in search of something special.